~ To be a church whose head is Christ and whose movement is directed by His Holy Spirit


~ To be a church whose message is so clear that people’s lives are changed forever and their identity in Christ fulfilled through the power of His word


~ To be a church who connects with God through praise and worship and who exalts Christ with powerful songs of faith and hope, changing the atmosphere in which we live


~ To be a church who embraces the lonely, loves the outcast, protects the orphan, honors the widow, and encourages the family; building lasting relationships with one another


~ To be a people completely in love with Jesus, relentless in loving one another in conduct and speech, and united in the fullness of God’s Son


~ To be a church where the young are raised up in the understanding of the Father’s love and sent out to be world changers


~ To be a church whose ministries are consumed with the goal and committed to the purpose of training, equipping, empowering, and releasing a leadership generation to fulfill the Great Commission


~ To be a church who submits to the government of Heaven, who is not afraid to stand in the face of opposition and declare freedom from the oppressor


~ To be a group of people who prays continuously and with a fervency of the spirit, who stands in the gap, contends for the lost, pushes back the darkness, and ushers in the Divine


~ To be a people saturated with the power of the Kingdom, who counts whatever cost and pays whatever price to see revival sweep across the globe


~ To be a church who shines so brightly in its community and beyond that Jesus is impossible to ignore


City Light Church, 3015 Cohasset Road, Chico, CA,

530.343.1491 | chicocitylight1@gmail.com

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